Balsa wood is my choice of medium. Working with balsa wood gives me the freedom to create any shape simply by sanding and cutting layer by layer. Balsa wood is the easiest medium to create prototypes.


Finding plans to make an

item is the first step in the process. Some items have been pre-drafted, such as the Tricoder from the Star Trek: The Original Series. Once painted, and adding electronics, the Tricorder becomes indistiguishable from the original prototype.


I make things out of wood, balsa wood. Most of the props that I make are replicas of metal/plastic objects. These props are made for visual representations only. These object are to be used as decoration of a setting or costume. Actual objects are too expensive and easily damanged. These reproductions are used for cosplay, where mechanical props are no longer accepted to go through security.

At World of Weabeasties, we re-ceate visual reproductions of props from any design. Most designs are from science fiction movies or television shows, are are a few of my own creations. The details are minute, but are there to give the legitimacy of the prop, adding to the suspension of disbelief, making the object seem real.


I have been asked in the past to create objects that I am unable to allocate blueprints. By using reference imagry, I am able to use my drafting skills to create my own personal set of blueprints to work from. The Battlestar Galactica Blaster was one such case.