As a special effects artist, I have been asked to create fake body parts for several movies. These replicas has to look horrific and realistic. Often I use molds of body parts, enhanced by clay, recast and then reformed in laytex. Paint enhances the appearances.

Zombies Galore

Zombie's are a staple in movies

since the begining of movie-making. And I do believe they are the most fun to make. To the average viewer, most zombie films look the same, but they are not. The nuiances are subtle; it's the details of the disfigurements is the key to belivability.

Giving a Hand

Creating a severed hand was my first job. It was for a Hallowe'en display. The police were actually called because it looked a little too real. By adding electronics or metal rods under the skin, this detail gives the hand a science fiction/android feel.

The World of Weabeasties,

I strive to make what you want to do, what you need it do and making it to look real.

I Make the Unbelievable, Believable