Dead Hunt

Almost Invisible

M for Morpheus

Special Effects Artist

Working With a Pro:

Don Dohler is legendary in the Maryland independent filmmaking scene. Don started making films right after college, scratchbuilding movies he felt was missing from the from the traditional standard theater setting. He liked gore and sci-fi as much as I did. It was only a matter of time before I started to work for a couple of Independent movies, and finally, working with himself. 

Joe, with Don Dohler, Maryland independent filmmaker on the set of Don's last movie, Dead Hunt.

"I ugy people!" ~ Joe McClurkin

My most memorable movie to work on was "Dead Hunt", a film by Don Dohler. This was a special movie for me because I have always had admire his films of the late and early eighties. He was the local guy who made films and now I had a chance to work with him. Unfortunately, it was his last film. My experience with him and his process of work will always be with me. He was a good mentor to me.