I have always wanted to build my own personal R2D2 unit since I first seen the movie "Star Wars" in 1977. Just like the original droid in the movie, my droid was built using wood, fiberglass, aluminum and braided hoses. Electronics added to the realism.

Creating a full-size version of the Dewey droid was difficult. 

Blueprints were not available and had to be recreated using reference photos. Most images were taken directly from the film, "Silent Running". This material used for this prop was several types of wood.


This is my largest build to date. I am n the process in creating a full-size version of the Knight Industries Two Thousand vehicle; KITT, from the tv series Knightrider. I will have updates on this site as I proceed in the build. Pictures and videos of the process will follow.


Creating full scale props has become a passion for me. Don't get me wrong, this is not a phase. I have been creating things since I was a teenager, especially things from movies and films. I was the kid with the strange objects. I participated in cosplay, before cosplay was called cosplay. Then it was called re-inactment.

At the World of Weabeasties, we have brought the fantasy world into reality. These objects are not just for Hollywood producers. With the passion of fans, they are available to anyone. I have the pleasure of building them in my own studio in Southern Maryland. If you can imagine it, I can create it. I am available for commissions.