Jumanji: A Game of Adventure

Assembly Required

As all builds it starts with finding plans and pictures and of course watching the movie many many times while taking mental notes on how to play.

Mine started with 1 x 2 cutting them to size.

Then adding MDF to the outer skins after complete. I layout the design for the cover and start the carving while wearing a resporator.

Now you have a box that can not be opened, Taking it table saw to make the three major

parts not couting the carving and molding the main characters. after all said and down now you are ready to play with one you feel great playing.

Watching a movie and seeing the main part is a game board gives rise a major problem when it comes to buying the game. I never could find

one that matches it. Milton Bradley put one out cardboard without the

same pieces. It did not have the same feel as I played with my family

So what is a maker to do.

                                               "Build It"